Comprehensive legal assistance

Legal issues are never stand-alone issues.

We offer more than 2 decades of hands-on international business and legal experience, assisting start-ups, small, medium and international businesses and organizations. We help them in devising, implementing, managing and enforcing their operational, financial and legal strategies in the fields of innovation, branding, digitization and digital transformation.

At the same time, it is key to ensure that these strategies converge and are continuously aligned, keeping in mind the bigger picture and the complex environments most corporations operate in today and tomorrow.

In doing so, we adhere to the following three principles:

Being transparent as a lawyer means many things: as most of our key contacts with clients have little or no legal background (CEO, CFO, CIO, …), it is of utmost importance to make our point in an understandable way.

Ensuring that clients understand the process of how we assist them, what we deliver, how this can be executed and implemented, and how we charge for our services is critical. And concerning this latter aspect: we prefer working on a fixed fee basis, if requested by the client in part on the basis of success, and in exceptional cases on the basis of an hourly rate, with secure, real-time access to time sheets and invoices.

In our view, approaching legal issues from different angles brings most value to clients. Looking at opportunities and threats from different directions provides clients with a 360° view on their actual or future situation, a particular transaction, or a business decision.

Allowing clients to take informed decisions is one of our main mottos. In order for them to do so, clients must have been presented with and understood all relevant aspects of the issue.

The legal services industry is traditionally innovation averse. Most law firms still adopt a “we have always done this this way” approach. The results: reinventing the wheel, and countless “wasted” hours that are billed to clients.

Over the past years, we have made – and will continue to make – significant investments in proprietary tools and technologies in order to deliver qualitative output in a swift manner and at competitive fees. These tools include a document management system, online domain name and web monitoring tools, as well as digital document generators, all of which will be made available in the “Solutions” section of this website.