The largest Intellectual Property Audit. Ever.

When Marc Van Wesemael, EURid’s CEO, approached us in 2003, his challenge became our cause.

In the context of the launch of the .EU top-level domain, the European Commission had defined a strict process for brand owners, allowing them to register the domain names that corresponded with their trademarks, trade names, company names, etc. before these domain names became available to the general public.

This challenge was manifold:

  • a strict and difficult legal framework;
  • developing and implementing a user-friendly process;
  • an unknown success rate;
  • legal scrutiny;
  • mainly working with non-intellectual property specialists.

What we managed to deliver is still known as the largest and most complex intellectual property audit ever performed, consisting of a review of close to 350.000 intellectual property claims over a period of 9 months, directing a team of 110 people.

Thanks again to EURid’s and PwC’s teams for making this happen!

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