In this Agreement, unless the context clearly indicates a different intention:

(a) Reference to the singular includes reference to the plural and vice versa. Reference to a gender includes reference to the other gender. Reference to persons include individuals, corporate bodies (when incorporated), as well as to non-incorporated partnerships and associations;

(b) References to days are, unless otherwise specifically stated, referring to consecutive Working Days;

(c) Article and sub-clause headings are for ease of reference only and do not affect the construction or interpretation of the Articles or sub-clauses;

(d) a reference to this Agreement or another instrument or document includes any amendment, variation, replacement, novation of, or supplement to, this Agreement or that instrument or document;

(e) where any word or phrase is given a defined meaning, any other part of speech or other grammatical form of that word or phrase has a corresponding meaning;

(f) the use of the terms “including”, “include”, “includes” followed by one or more examples is intended to be illustrative and shall not be deemed or construed to limit the scope of the classification or category to the examples listed; and

(g) whenever a matter is submitted to a Party for approval pursuant to the terms of this Contract, that Party has a duty to act reasonably and timely in rendering a decision on the matter.