How we charge for our work

Transparency is a key element and decision factor for clients when working with an external law firm.

For this reason, we will provide clients up-front with an engagement letter, containing:

  • the composition of the team that will handle the client’s request, so the client knows with whom to interact;
  • a description of the work to be performed; and
  • the fee arrangements we are proposing, the principles whereof are outlined below.

In addition, our engagement letter contains a copy of our terms & conditions, which can also be found here.

Fixed fees

When we work at fixed rates

Whenever we can, we will provide clients with a “fixed fee” proposal. This allows you to properly budget our work, expect clear delivery times, and have no surprises when you receive our invoices.

Success fees

Aiming for the win-win

In certain circumstances, part of the financial arrangement between our firm and our client can be based on the outcome of the case.

Since lawyers registered at a Belgian bar are prohibited to work on the basis of a success fee only, a  balance needs to be struck between the non-success related part of our work, which will be further outlined in our engagement letter.

Rate card

Hourly or daily rates

In all other situations, we are working on the basis of hourly or daily rates, which vary on the basis of:

  • the complexity of the matter;
  • the team members involved;
  • whether the case has only national or also cross-border aspects;
  • the timeframe within which our work needs to be delivered;
  • etc.

Also here, our engagement letter will contain a clear overview of the rates that will apply when the client decides to award us the work; furthermore, our invoices will contain sufficient details, including descriptions of the tasks performed, so the client has a clear overview of our efforts.