Bart Lieben


  • Intellectual property
  • Information technology
  • Media and telecommunications law
  • LL.M., Antwerp University;
  • LL.M. Intellectual Property Law, Catholic Universities of Brussels & Louvain
  • LL.M. Corporate Law, Catholic Universities of Brussels & Louvain
  • LL.M. Business Law, Antwerp University
  • Researcher, University of Antwerp and the Institute of European Studies

Bart is an attorney-at-law with a key focus on intellectual property, information technology, media and telecommunications law.

Bart has worked for PwC, Deloitte Legal, and a US law firm. Furthermore, he was a member of the Executive Committee of Gevers, one of Europe’s leading intellectual property firms.

When working for PwC, he developed the policies and processes for and directed the most extensive and complex audit of intellectual property rights ever performed. This audit consisted of the verification and validation of claims based on intellectual property rights made by applicants in the context of the launch of the .eu top-level domain in 2015-2016. During this timeframe, he managed a team of more than a hundred experts in 11 different jurisdictions during a timeframe of more than a year.

On the basis of this experience, he directed similar processes for about 15 other internet top-level domains, including the .mobi, .asia, .tel, and .co extensions, and developed in this context the blueprint and proofs of concept of the Trademark Clearinghouse, a system helps brand owners protecting and enforcing their rights in new internet top-level domains.

Through his experience in working with experts and professionals from diverse backgrounds (finance, tax, risk management, procurement, operations, compliance, etc.), he developed a truly multidisciplinary offering that allows us to assist clients in various areas relating to intellectual property and information technology.

Bart’s main focus is on working with clients in protecting, managing, commercializing and enforcing their intellectual property rights before the Belgian and European courts, including in transactional matters. He also advises on general business law matters, mergers & acquisitions and data protection.

Over the past ten years, Bart handled arbitration and mediation cases before CEPANI (Brussels, Belgium), the International Chamber of Commerce (Paris, France), the American Arbitration Association / the International Centre for Dispute Resolution (New York, USA), and the World Intellectual Property Organization (Geneva, Switzerland).

Furthermore, he has been consulting for and was appointed as an expert by the European Commission, the European Patent Office, the European Union Intellectual Property Office, the United Nations and the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers.